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Book Loan / Period

1. All EAS and Academia Sinica patrons can get the first priority service of the EAS Library.  Should you have any questions, please contact us by phone: 3789-7213, 3789-7214 or by email

Book Loan Introduction of IEAS Library
Partron Type

Volumes Limit

Loan Period


IEAS Research Fellows 400, and 60 in other libraries

Other libraries 3 months

2~3 times

IEAS Adjunct Research Fellows

100, and 20~30 in other libraries Other libraries 1~3 months Once

IEAS Administrative and Technical Staff

20 Other libraries 2 months Once

IEAS Visiting Scholars (includes Post-Doctoral)

50, and 30 in each library at most 3 months Once

IEAS Retired Research Fellows

50, and 20~30 in other libraries 1~3 months Once
IEAS Retired Administrative and Technical Staff 50, and 5~20 only in 2 libraries 1 week ~ 2 months Once

IEAS Assistants

20 1 months Once
Sinica Academicians 30 3 months Once
Non-IEAS Research Fellows in Division of Humanities and Social Sciences, Academia Sinica 60 in each library 3 months 2 - 3 times
Non-IEAS Research Fellows in Sinica 30 in each library 3 months Once

Non-IEAS Visiting Scholars (includes Post-Doctoral)  in Sinica

50, and 30 in each library at most 3 months Once
Non-IEAS Administrative and Technical Staff in Sinica 20 2 months Once
Non-IEAS Retired Research Fellows in Sinica 20 only in IEAS library 2 months Once

Non-IEAS Assistants in Sinica

20 1 month Once

Readers from outside of Academia Sinica

5~10 30 days No


2. Welcome to the Library. You can borrow books after filling out the <Staff ID Card Activation Form>  at the Library Information Desk upon getting your Staff ID Card.   If you would like to borrow books and have not yet received Staff ID Card, please click

3.Readers from outside of Academia Sinica are welcome.  You can link NDDS website to borrow books or photocopy articles.  You can also use ILL-Reciprocal Card Service to borrow books.

4. Please contact us to renew books before due date by phone at 3789-7213.  Also, you can click My Library Account and click Renew button on-line.

5. Water-damaged books, journals, reference books, microform materials, AV materials, rare books and archives are not available for loan.