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轉發敬邀出席4月28日『研究誠信與出版倫理工作坊』(Invitation to Research Integrity and Publishing Ethics Workshop in AS, April 28)



ELSEVIER與本院合辦之『研究誠信與出版倫理工作坊』將於4月28日(星期五)下午1點30分在本院人文館3樓國際會議廳舉行,歡迎院內同仁及各界師生踴躍參加。 詳細議程及報名表請詳活動網站:




  • 違反學術倫理的案件分析與所學到的課題
  • 身為出版商的 Elsevier 在學術倫理所扮演的角色為何? 並剖析一位違反學術倫理的荷蘭社會心理學者於事件發生後,荷蘭心理學研究學術團體如何看待這個事件
  • 介紹 Elsevier 影像調查技術,分析如何偵測到影像被不當處理
  • 以違反學術倫理事件看大學或研究機構如何處理這類不當行為,並介紹COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) 如何宣導學術倫理與處理不當研究論文之行為




中央研究院國際事務處 敬邀



Dear Colleagues and Friends,


We are pleased to announce that the “Research Integrity and Publishing Ethics Workshop” will be held at the International Conference Hall, 3F of the Humanity and Social Science Building, Academia Sinica at 13:30-17:00, Friday, April 28, 2017.  This is a Workshop co-organized by ELSEVIER and Academia Sinica, to which you are cordially invited to attend. For further information and online registration, please visit the official website at and register.


Research misconduct, an increasingly visible problem within the academic communities, has recently made headlines in Taiwan’s news media. Despite that ethical practices are intrinsically assumed with academic institutions, multiple factors such as peer pressure, promotion and tenure, ego, and monetary reward may drive a given individual into research misconduct. To manage this increasingly important issue, academic institutions around the world have begun to set up Research Integrity Office (ORI) to establish ethical guidelines, handle and investigate allegations of research misconduct, and provide educational training to the stakeholders. For example, both the Ministry of Science and Technology and Academia Sinica have just recently set up comparable apparatus in this regard. This Workshop seeks to explore this ongoing trend by inviting four speakers to share their perspective experiences on the following topics:

  • Scientific Misconduct: Stories and Lessons Learned;
  • Elsevier’s position on publishing ethics & learning from the Stapel case;
  • Detection methods for wrongly manipulated images;
  • Appropriate management of research misconduct and COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics).

We look forward to seeing you at the event.

With best regards,

Department of International Affairs,

Academia Sinica