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  • Publish Date:2017/06/01
    Modify Date:2017/06/05

Social Science Premium Collection 試用Trial Database Available: Social Science Premium Collection

歡迎試用Social Science Premium Collection。 
Trial Database Available : Social Science Premium Collection                                  
試用期間Trial Period:即日起至2017/07/25
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1. Sociology Database (社會學全文資料庫)
2. Applied Social Sciences Index & Abstracts (應用社會科學索引資料庫)
3. Sociological Abstracts (社會學索摘資料庫)
4. Political Science Database (政治學全文資料庫)
5. PAIS index (Public Affairs Information Service 索引資料庫)
6. Worldwide Political Science Abstracts (全球政治學索引資料庫)
7. Policy File index (政策文件索引資料庫)
8. Criminal Justice Database (刑事司法資料庫)
9. National Criminal Justice Reference Service Abstracts 
10. Library Science Database (圖書資訊全文資料庫)
11. Library & Information Science Abstracts (圖書館學與資訊學索引資料庫)
12. Education Database (教育學索引資料庫)
13. ERIC (ERIC教育索引資料庫)
14. Linguistics & Language Behavior Abstracts (語言學與語言行為學索引資料庫)
15. Linguistics Database (語言學全文資料庫)
16. Social Science Database (社會科學全文資料庫)
17. International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (國際社會科學書目索引資料庫)
Please be advised: 
Please adhere to the provisions in the publisher’s copyright notice. The use of this database is limited to individual academic research or teaching purposes. Any further reproducing or downloading of the contents for any commercial use is strictly prohibited. Copyright violators will be prosecuted.
若您有任何建議或疑問,歡迎請洽:歐美所圖書37897214 or37897233
For questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact the IEAS Library at (02)3789-7214 or (02)3789-7233.