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  • Publish Date:2017/02/14
    Modify Date:2017/02/14

[Recent ICPSR updates and additions] New Releases through 2017-02-12

Below is a list of new data collection additions to the ICPSR data archive along with a list of released data collections that have been updated:

New Additions

·        36570 Organizations Convicted in Federal Criminal Courts, 2014


·        36573 Organizations Convicted in Federal Criminal Courts, 2015


·        36600 Los Angeles County Social Survey, 1993 (LACSS)


·        36640 United States Individual Income Tax Payments, 1923-1924


·        27101 Serious and Violent Offender Reentry Initiative (SVORI) Multi-site Impact Evaluation, 2004-2011 [United States]


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