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[OR-Announce] [ICPSR] FREE SUMMER WORKSHOP: Maternal LifestyleStudy Data User Workshop


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Maternal Lifestyle Study Data User Workshop

Dates and Location: June 14-16, 2017 in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Instructors: Barry Lester (Brown University) and Carla Bann (Research Triangle Institute)


The Maternal Lifestyle Study (MLS) was the largest of the NIH longitudinal studies of children with prenatal cocaine exposure (PCE). MLS was a longitudinal multi-site observational study of the long-term effects of in-utero exposure to cocaine on child development. MLS was conducted at four geographically diverse, collaborating university centers (Wayne State University, University of Tennessee at Memphis, University of Miami, and Brown University). Participants were identified during the newborn period while in the hospital. The MLS began enrollment of a longitudinal birth cohort of 1,388 infant/mother dyads in 1993. Subjects in the follow-up were seen from 1 month of age through 16 years of age across five phases: Phase 1 ? soon after birth; Phase II -- 1-36 months; Phase III -- 4-7 years; Phase IV -- 8-11 years; Phase V -- 12-16 years. The overall purpose of the study was to investigate the effects of drug use during pregnancy on acute neonatal events and long-term physical health, social, behavioral and neurodevelopmental outcomes.


Participants will be introduced to the Maternal Lifestyle Study, including an overview of the MLS Phases I-V, the sample, recruitment, data sources, and mother and child measures. Participants will learn how to explore across the 203 MLS datasets and link datasets. The course will also cover data analytic techniques and considerations when using the MLS data as well as data forms and analyses appropriate to investigate selected outcomes. The course will be a combination of lecture, discussion, and hands-on exercises.


Prerequisites: Participants should have a basic understanding of secondary data organization and manipulation, fundamental data analysis skills, working knowledge of a statistical package and a substantive interest in substance use and dependence, particularly as related to prenatal drug exposure and child development outcomes. Some knowledge of longitudinal analysis is useful.


Application: Admission to this workshop is competitive. Enrollment is limited to 25 participants. Apply using the ICPSR Summer Program’s registration portal, where you will need to upload the following documents:

  • Current curriculum vita
  • Cover letter summarizing research interests and experiences


Fee: There is no tuition fee for the course.


Deadline: Deadline for application is May 8, 2017.



For issues related to registration, contact

For questions related to the study data, contact