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  • Publish Date:2016/10/11
    Modify Date:2017/04/21
Chih-hsing Ho
  • Position:Assistant Professor/ Assistant Research Fellow
  • TEL:+886-(02)-37897298
  • Assistant’s Name:Pi-Mei Lin
  • Assistant’s Phone:+886-(02)-37897222
  • Assistant’s
Chih-hsing Ho


  • London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), Ph.D in Law
  • Stanford Law School, J.S.M.
  • Columbia Law School, LL.M.
  • Institute of Philosophy, National Taiwan University
  • College of Law, National Taiwan University, LL.B.


  • Research Officer, Centre for Medical Ethics and Law, University of Hong Kong, 1/2013- 4/2014


  • Legal Aspects of Translational Medicine and Biobanking
  • Big Data, Privacy and Data Protection Law
  • Law, Medicine and Global Health
  • Law and Anthropology
  • Law and Development: Theories of Colonisation and Political Economy


  • Review Editor, the Editorial Board of ELSI in Science and Genetics - Frontiers (2016~ )


  • LSE Olive Stone Memorial Scholarship (Olive Stone Scholar), 2007-2009
  • LSE Morris Finer Award for Socio-Legal Studies (Morris Finer Scholar), 2007-2008
  • LSE Department of Law Research Studentships, 2006-2011
  • LSE Wedderburn Writing-Up Grant, 2010-2012
  • Ministry of Education Studying Abroad Scholarship (SAS962072UK12), Taiwan, 2007-2009
  • Ministry of Science and Technology Recruiting Outstanding Scholars Award, Taiwan, 2014-2017
  • Academia Sinica Research Merit Award, Taiwan, 2014-2016


Journal Articles

  • Yi-Lin Lou, Chih-hsing Ho*, forthcoming (2017), “Emerging Legal Issues of Storing Healthcare Data in the Cloud- A Comparative Analysis”, National Taiwan University Law Journal (臺大法學論叢) (TSSCI) (in Chinese)
  • Don Chalmers, Dianne Nicola, Jane Kaye, Jessica Bell, Alastair V Campell, Calvin WL Ho,Kazuto Kato, Jusaku Minari,Chih-hsing Ho, Colin Mitchell, Fruzsina Molnar-Gabor, Margaret Otlowski, Daniel Thiel, Stephanie M Fullerton and Tess Whitton, 2016, “Has the Biobank Bubble Burst? Withstanding the Challenges for Sustainable Biobanking in the Digital Era”, BMC Medical Ethics, 17:39. (SCI) (IF: 1.495; SCI ranking: 33.3%)

Book Chapters

Conference Papers

  • Chih-hsing Ho, 2016, “Challenges of the EU General Data Protection Regulation on Consent and Data Transfer for Biobanking and Biomedical Research”, paper presented at The Asian Privacy Scholars Network 5th International Conference, Auckland, New Zealand: The University of Auckland, 2016-12-13 ~ 2016-12-14.
  • Chih-hsing Ho, 2016, “From Bench to Bedside: Secondary Use of Health Data for Precision Medicine”, paper presented at the Conference of Precision Medicine: Legal and Ethical Challenges, University of Hong Kong: The Centre for Medical Ethics & Law, The University of Hong Kong jointly organised with The Centre for Law, Medicine and Life Sciences, The University of Cambridge, 2016-04-07 ~ 2016-04-08.
  • Chih-hsing Ho, 2015, “What Role Should the Law Play in the Field of Bioethics”, paper presented at the WS4 Science and Bioethics Workshop, at the 10th International Conference on Genomics (ICG-10), Shenzen, China: Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI), 2015-10-22 ~ 2015-10-25.
  • Chih-hsing Ho, 2015, “Different Models of Governance: Large Population-Based Cohort Studies in a Comparative Perspective”, paper presented at the Conference of Translation in Healthcare – Exploring the Impact of New Technologies, University of Oxford: the Centre for Health, Law and Emerging Technologies (HeLEX), Oxford, UK: University of Oxford, 2015-06-23 ~ 2015-06-25.
  • Chih-hsing Ho, 2015, “From Colonial Medicine to Global Health: A Dialogue between Global Norms and Local Forms”, paper presented at the Harvard Institute for Global Law and Policy (IGLP)'s 2015 Conference, Harvard, MA, USA: Harvard Law School, 2015-06-01 ~ 2015-06-02.
  • Chih-hsing Ho, 2014, “A Dialogue Between Global Norms and Local Forms: the Case of National Biobanks”, paper presented at The 6th International Conference of the European Society for the History of Science, University of Lisbon: University of Lisbon, 2014-09-04 ~ 2014-09-06.
  • Chih-hsing Ho, 2014, “Production of Biovalue in Global Bioeconomy: Biotechnological Commodification”, paper presented at the 2014 Annual Meeting of Society for Social Studies of Science (4S), Buenos Aires, Argentina: Intercontinental Hotel: Sociedad Latinoamericana de Estudios Sociales de la Ciencia y la Tecnología (ESOCITE), 2014-08-20 ~ 2014-08-23.
  • Chih-hsing Ho, 2014, “The Application of Genetic Tests in Prenatal Diagnosis: Mapping the Ethical and Regulatory Issues”, paper presented at The First Omics and Bioethics Workshop, Shenzhen, China: Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI), 2014-06-29 ~ 2014-06-30.
  • Chih-hsing Ho, 2014, “Shaping the Ethics and Governance of Bio-banking”, paper presented at the Workshop on Biobank Governance: An Asian Perspective, University of Hong Kong: Hong Kong: Centre for Medical Ethics and Law (CMEL), Faculties of Law and Medicine, University of Hong Kong, 2014-05-20.
  • Chih-hsing Ho, 2014, “Biobanking in Taiwan: Law, Ethics, and Biocapitalism”, paper presented at The China Interdisciplinary Lunchtime Seminar, University of Hong Kong: Hong Kong: Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences (HKIHSS), University of Hong Kong, 2014-02-11.
  • Chih-hsing Ho, 2013, “Ethical Configuration in Biocapitalism”, paper presented at Knowing, Making, Governing- Asia-Pacific Science, Technology & Society Network Biennial Conference, Singapore: National University of Singapore: National University of Singapore, 2013-07-15 ~ 2013-07-17.
  • Chih-hsing Ho, 2013, “Genetics Research and Biobanking on Taiwanese Aborigines”, paper presented at International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Genetics and Ethnicity, Kunming: Kunming University, 2013-05-02 ~ 2013-05-06.
  • Chih-hsing Ho, 2012, “Biobanking and the Production of Biovalue: Law, Market, Norms and Public Policy”, paper presented at School of Oriental and African Studies(SOAS) Seminar, London, UK:: School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) University of London, 2012-10-31.
  • Chih-hsing Ho, 2012, “Law and Governance: Rural Development and Property Rights in China”, paper presented at The China Postgraduate Network Annual Conference, Edinburgh, UK: University of Edinburgh, 2012-06-18 ~ 2012-06-19.
  • Chih-hsing Ho, 2010, “Resisting Research Populations: Taiwan Biobank and Identity Politics”, paper presented at The Asia Research Institute (ARI) Cluster Seminar, Singapore: National University of Singapore, 09 April 2010, 2010-04-09.
  • Chih-hsing Ho, 2007, “Socio-Legal Features of Taiwan Biobank”, paper presented at The Seminar Series on Taiwan in Comparative Perspectives, London: Taiwan Research Programme, Asia Research Centre, London School of Economics, 2007-11-29.

Thesis and Dissertation

  • Chih-hsing Ho, 2012, “Socio-Legal Perspectives on Biobanking: The Case of Taiwan", Ph.D. Dissertation, 267 pages, London School of Economics and Political Science.
  • Chih-hsing Ho, 2006, “Crying Out For Justice: Ambiguous Property Rights and the Land Seizure Problems in China", J.S.M. Thesis, Stanford Law School.